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 An experience rich in sensations, dreams and emotions

Body Massages 

Californien  50 min 95€   I  1H20 - 95€ 

Ce massage utilise de longs mouvements lents et fluides qui permettent une profonde relaxation physique et psychique.


Deep Tissue 50 min 120€   I  1h20 145€ 

Un excellent soin pour soulager les tensions avec au choix une pression forte ou modérée. A la suite de ce soin vous vous sentirez libéré de toutes tensions et détendue. Ce massage va permettre de relâcher les énergies bloquées dans vos tissus et de détendre vos muscles en profondeur.  


Réflexologie Plantaire Thaï 50 min I  95€ 

Thérapie douce et naturelle qui consiste à exercer des pressions sur certaines zones des pieds, ainsi que des manœuvres manuelle relaxantes. Ce massage a pour effet d’atténuer la tension nerveuse et les états de légère anxiété.


Lomi Lomi 50 min 110€   I   1h20 120€

Massage Hawaïen, profond et rythmé, le rythme est relaxant et se pratique en long mouvement fluides des avant-bras et des mains pour « nourrir » le corps en profondeur, associé à un travail puissant de pression des coudes et de « nettoyage » des muscles.


Balinais  50 min 110€   I   1h20 120€

Massage associant lissage traditionnel et étirements doux, il s’agit d’une solution combinant douceur et tonicité, pour une détente optimale.


Jeunesse  25 min  I  45€

Massage dos, nuque et bras pour les enfants de 13 à 17 ans.


Facial Care


The « Mysterious Youth »  (Anti-aging care)                                                    


This full treatment includes the award-winning, Garancia micro-peeling “Magic Pschitt”. It is followed by the Garancia “High Tech” lifting mask - a true regenerating cocktail - and the Garancia booster serum “ Immortal Express Shot”, based on a protein promoting skin renewal activator to help reduce visible effects of aging. Finally, this treatment ends by the “Mysterieuse  Mille et Une Nuit” day cream which contains extracts of snake venom peptides. You will find your skin luminous, smooth and regenerated.


The “Diabolical Splash”                               


This treatment begins with the application of the legendary "Philtre Centenaire", known to be, Garancia’s famous lotion. It is then followed by a micro peeling session that revives, adds radiance, and re-oxygenates skin cells. Of course, without forgetting the Garancia’s latest High-tech nourishing mask, a concentrate of vitamins to reduce skin redness and imperfections. This Facial ends with the “Diabolical Tomato”, an award-winning Garancia product, that provides a true radiance and softness of the skin.

Face & Body Rituals


Scrub Before The Beach 


An essential care before first sun exposure. The base of this care is composed of a grape seed exfoliation, associated with six essential oils. With this special care, be ready for a smooth like satin skin.


“Make Me Melt ” Slim Care                              


This slimming treatment includes a peeling “Pschitt magique “ in which creates a glowing skin effect. It is then followed by a grape seed body scrub, consisting of slimming and tonic massages to stimulate the effectiveness of the anti-cellulite crackling mousse. Its exclusive silicon care is used to tone tissues and strengthens the body draining process with multiple botanical extracts.


After The Beach Moisturizing Care                                                     


This soothing resplendence facial care starts with a cleansing cream,"En Deux coups de baguette", and is associated with the nourishing, soothing, restorative mask which comprises of six botanical extracts. After a careful attention to the face, a body care including hydration of the skin is applied, made up of the body milk called the "Anti Croco Skin Formula". It is composed of multiple botanical active ingredients, one in particular, a plant root deriving from Australia, that will wrap your skin with a soft and moisturizing veil. This magic formula helps firm, nourish and moisturize your skin.


And the rest...


Manicure : 30’- 40€

Pedicure : 40’- 50€

Manicure & hand treatment : 50' - 70€

Nail polish: 15' - 20€

Express " feet & toes " - 50' - 60€

Face ( eyebrows, lip ): 15€

Underarms: 15€

Half legs: 30€

Bikini wax : from 30 à 60€


Not recommended to pregnant women.  Parents authorization needed for children less of 18 yrs of age.

In case of cancellation of less than 4hrs before treatment time, 50% of the total charge will be applied.  

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