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For the 2022 Summer season, the Miramar Corsica will welcome groups at the following dates :

From May 29 to July 9, 2022

From August 28 to September 8, 2022


For all information requests regarding groups for 10 rooms and more, please refer to this link below or PDF.

Other information season 2022:

  • Due to the number of estimate requests, we do not provide personalized estimates anymore.

  • For B&B requests:  Breakfast is discounted at 25 euros / participant.

  • Regarding meals, the Miramar Corsica can offer menus based on our usual menu available online.

  • Meals : Traditional 3 course Italian menu : 55 per participant - Beverage "A la carte".

  • Aperitif : Antipasti to share + 1 house cocktail or 1 glass of Corsican wine :  30 euros per person.

  • Additional Antipasti and Beverages "A la carte".

  • Seminar Room Rental : 800 (special equipment not included).

  • Regional & Sports Activities : Please refer to our website ("Activities") or PDF below.  No specific agenda and estimates will be prepared before group contract is signed.

  • Reservations Options:  Due to the small number of rooms and the short season, the Miramar Corsica does not any provide any "options" or "Hold reservations" under any circumstances.  Rooms are only confirmed when Group contract is signed and deposit received. 

  • Travel insurance groups / participants will be required.