Upon arrival or during your stay, discover our Nature Spa. Surrender your body to a selection of enlivening therapies performed in our garden gazebo facing the sea or indoor during the off season. Relax in our 2 top of the art jacuzzis where you will enjoy beautiful views on the Valinco Bay.

Our care products include:  

  • Natural oils (sesame, grape seeds, sweet almonds)  
  • Donna E Biocosmetica di Corsica products 
  • Imiza Ile de Beauté product selection. 

Donna E et Imiza offer high-end cosmetic products designed and made on the island using indigenous plants – over 2000 plants can be found on the island of Corsica.  

Products made by Donna E are labeled organically grown in Corsica.  
Each treatment is created to meet your specific needs:  

  • Focused massages – back, legs, scalp, facial
  • Back massage 
  • Relaxing massage  
  • Sports massage  
  • "Pre-beach body rub"
  • Facial ritual massage with Immortelle essential oils 
  • Total hydrating skincare treatment 
  • Deep relaxation massage (body, facial and scalp) 
  • Hand beauty 
  • Foot beauty 
  • Nail polish application