The hotel is located on the South Western part of the island in the heart of the Valinco Gulf and at the entrance of the city of Propriano. Recognized as a perfect holiday location because of its wonderful sandy beaches, the city is one of the oldest island resorts where the old fishing harbor has transformed into a lively town, whilst retaining its character.

Inland, the mountain villages of the Alta Rocca sit below the dramatic peaks of Bavella, while, to the east, stands the granite city of Sartène, ancient capital of the south.

To the north, in the soft folds of the Taravo Valley, stand the menhirs of Filitosa, one of the most important prehistoric sites in Europe.

South lies Campo Moro – a crescent of white sand, a scattering of fishermen’s cottages and a few café-bars and restaurants. There is also the largest Genovese watchtower on the island overlooking the undisturbed coastline leading to the fishing village of Tizzano.

Ajaccio: 40 miles - 1.5 hour drive
Bonifacio: 39 miles - 1 hour drive
Porto Vecchio: 42 miles - 1.5 hour drive
Sartène: 7 miles - 20 minutes drive
Campo Moro: 10 miles - 20 minutes drive
Tizzano: 17 miles - 30 minutes drive
Filitosa: 12 miles - 25 minutes drive
Polo Porto: 12 miles - 25 minutes drive