Several wonderful beaches and coves can be explored by boat. They are nestled along the Wild Coast, south of Campomoro and surrounded with nature. A Must and one of the highlight of your vacation.

Towards the south:

This area of the coast line is only accessible by boat. Swim in small coves surrounded by giant rocks and among them, search for animal forms that have been shaped by the sea and the wind…

Beautiful bay with a long curved white sandy beach, shallow and translucent waters sheltered from the wind. Ideal for children! Aqua farm set in the middle of the bay. The largest Genoese tower in Corsica is open for tour.

This wonderful secluded cove with fine sand and clear water is a perfect relaxing spot. Yards away explore the ruins of an old storage house and a look out hole in the rock formation to spy on incoming ships.

The beach sits at the bottom of the cove and is 220 yards wide. It offers clear and shallow water making it a perfect playground for children and an exceptional swimming spot. The location is completely isolated.

At the end of the road D48 is the fishing village of Tizzano. In recent years a lot of homes were built on the hills to take advantage of the magnificent views. Tizzano offers a small sandy bay, a small harbor and fresh seafood restaurants. Not far away the large beach of Tradicettu offers fine sand with crystal clear water

Roccapina features one of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica! Watched over by a rock formations shaped like a lion and a Genoese tower. The almost white sand is incredibly fine and the water is absolutely clear. The beach is accessible via a bumpy and narrow dirt track. You can climb to explore the lion and the Genoese tower half in ruins. You will find a spectacular view. There is no restaurant or snacks on location.

The Iles de Lavezzi are a group of small, barren uninhabited granite islands, 10 km southeast off the coast of Bonifacio, with beautiful shell sand beaches and azure-colored sea. The trip from Propriano to this designated nature reserve. Takes about 1 hour. The islets are a paradise for swimmers, snorkelers and divers.

Towards the north:

It is the closest alternative to Cupabia and takes on the role of her step sister. Cala D’Orzo is tucked between capo Di Muro and Capo Nero, each with a Genoese tower keeping guard over this beautifully preserved cove. The beach is made of fine, white sand, crystal clear blue waters, surrounded by lush verdant green mountains. Chez Francis, a ‘paillote’ restaurant right on the beach, offering a large selection of fresh fish and crustaceans made to order, is a well-known restaurant which made international news when it burned to the ground. However, it remains a corner of paradise. 35 minutes by boat from the hotel.

One of the most beautiful bays in Corsica! White sand, clear and shallow water. Isolated and protected from western winds and suited for children with a restaurant on location.

Recommendation: prior to sailing please inquire about the marine forecast with the boating companies. If you plan to sail pass Tizzano, we recommend that you leave early in the morning to enjoy tranquil waters.